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Welcome to Burton House Books

Burton House Books was founded in 2015 with the aim of publishing and promoting powerful voices and debut authors with the goal of publishing quickly and effectively through print and digital.

We take pride in finding the best of Saskatchewan writers and using local talent in the preparation of books and their production. This has helped launch our excellent lineup. Follow the links below to find each of our books.

House Of The White Elephant by Byrna Barclay.

White elephant

Impeccably researched and rich in detail, Barclay’s formidable imagination renders this story truly convincing. — Sandra Birdsell

In the spring of 1953, on the day that the ice breaks up on the Saskatchewan river system, an eccentric music teacher tells the story of her father, Lewis William Hutchinson, who was a judge during the Indian Mutiny of 1857, revealing his mother confined to an asylum run by the East India Company, his three wives, all named Elizabeth, in a last attempt to discover the truth of the man behind the judge’s robes — and the fate of his first Elizabeth who disappeared in the Punjab.

Line Dance, edited by Gerald Hill

Prompted and inspired by two-line quotations sent out by Poet Laureate, Gerry Hill, during April 2016 Poetry month, the poems in this collection speak to the original lines and call to each other from the snows of the far north to grey valleys and rolling hills of Qu’Appelle, then sweep across the open prairies, down backroads and through backwoods, until they reach the horizon of everyone’s homeplace. Tellers of tall tales, makers of myths, singers of saints and painted people, they transverse the rivers of memory, dare to delve into that place between waking and sleeping, the dark of dream. Poems call out, each to the other, and call you home. And the lines invite the dance.

Beethoven by Jim McLean

Jim McLean, author of The Secret Life of a Railway Man and 1957 searches for Beethoven in the Canadian landscape.  Taking on the rhythms of the composer, the poet bares the abuse Beethoven suffered at the hand of his father, exposes the passions of this man who loved many women, and brings to life the isolation and anger caused by his loss of hearing. Through skillfull use of techniques learned from William Carlos Williams, each poem in Beethoven is both a script for performance and a piano, that Jim Mclean plays, sometimes in ragtime, sometimes in the blues, but mostly as Beethoven played it, from the heart.

double exposure by Pat Krause

In Southern Relations, the passing of Gran Tish the great-grandmother, brings together women in the family from both sides of the Canadian/American border, and like every family everywhere the passage of one member launches the survivors into a marathon of story-telling, that includes a wild Goose Hunt and a female answer to Lazarus in the shape of a potter known as Mrs. A-to-Z. Like these women, readers, may indulge in a hearty, throaty guffaw and a good cry; all in praise of the emotive power of this double exposure.